A number of dog lovers prefer small pet dogs to bigger breeds. There is a wide range of small dog breeds that are available, from which you can make a choice. These dogs do not require a lot of space. It is easier to keep small dogs at home, as space might be already at a premium. On the other hand, there are certain breeds of small dogs that you need to care for and handle very carefully.

It is a good idea to study the characteristics of individual breeds and know about their traits before you decide on the breed that you want. There are requirements in terms of grooming, personal attention for which you should have the time and for which you should be mentally prepared.

Following are some small pet dogs with a few notes on their behavior

* Chihuahuas- This breed is very popular with people. These dogs can be aggressive towards other dogs. They are very loyal to their owners. On the positive side, they get along well with cats and other small pets. If you own a small apartment, then this is an ideal breed.

* Jack Russell Terrier- It is a very active breed of dog. These terriers are ideal for active and sports loving people. These dogs required to be trained well.

* Boston Terrier- These dogs are easy to keep at home. It is a gentle and affectionate dog that is a good option for busy people.

* Pomeranians- A very gentle breed of dog that is friendly to children and family. They can adapt to any lifestyle although they required to be groomed on a daily basis.

* Shitzu- It is a pet dog with very mild behavior. These dogs need be groomed and brushed on a regular basis.

* Maltese- These are small intelligent dogs that are very loyal to their owners.

* Dachshund- It is among most active breeds of dogs. It is not aggressive without reason and can be a very good guard dog. Dogs of this breed may turn out to be very aggressive towards strangers in isolated cases.  

* Bichon Frise- The perfect breed for a small family in a small home. These dogs are hypoallergenic and are suitable for people who are allergic to dog hair or fur.  

These are a few breeds of small dogs. Training dogs of these breeds may be difficult and housebreaking them may be even tougher. If you love dogs and love small breeds, then the effort is worth it as you will have a very affectionate, loving and well adjusted family pet.