Put in simple words, dog chaining can be described as the act of fastening the dog to a stationary object or stake to maintain control over the dog. While dog chaining is primarily used to control pet dogs, it has quite a few negative effects on them. It not just impacts the overall health of the pet but also affects the animal at the psychological level. It is due to the ill effects of dog chaining that it has been banned in several states in the US.

Here is a closer look at some of the negative effects that chaining may have on your adorable pooch.

Psychological damage
Dogs have always been social animals and live in packs. Chaining dogs curbs their social nature, which can affect them at the psychological level. There are so many dogs who deal with numerous psychological problems due to excessive chaining. These problems are often exhibited in the form of excessive barking, irritable behavior, excessive soiling and destruction.

Physical ill effects
Dog chaining affects your pet at not just the psychological level but on the physical front too. Your pet does not like being chained. So, he will keep on pulling on the chain in a bid to escape. Though the chain does not break, this forceful pulling of chain ends up causing numerous injuries to your pet. It can result in sores, neck injuries, rubs and even bruises. In extreme cases, the dog collar may end up getting embedded in the neck.

Can make your dog aggressive
A recent study by the American Veterinary Medical Association, chaining dogs for long periods can lead to aggressive behavior. Like most animals, dogs too have a fight or flight response to stressful situations. When dogs are chained, they tend to feel threatened. As a result, they tend to become more aggressive. If studies are to go by, then the probabilities of a chained dog biting a human is 2.8 times higher as compared to the ones that are not chained.

Leaves your dog without any defense
Can you do anything when you are chained? No! the same goes for your dog too. There is little that your pet can do when he has been chained. This is even when your pet is being attacked by a predator or being bothered by an insect or a fly. Since your dog is left defenseless, he turns aggressive. Over a period of time, your pet may even lose his self defense capabilities.

Considering the numerous ill effects of dog chaining, it would only be wise if you keep your pet away from dog chains and leashes. Besides, chaining is inhuman and insensitive and you wouldn't want to indulge in such activities for sure.