Blue Heeler dogs are a cross breed that is said to have developed in Australia in the early 19th century. The breed is a result of mating perhaps between the Kelpie and Dingo breeds or the Dalmatian and Collie. The Australian cattle dog is the name by which the breed is known today.

This breed was developed in Australia for the purpose of keeping cattle in herds. Over a period of time, these dogs have gained quite a reputation as cattle herding dogs. Blue Heeler dogs are also good watch, guided innately by the traits of agility and alertness.

Usually, Blue Heeler dogs have a calm temperament. However, dogs of this breed may react unpredictably towards unfamiliar people and need to be controlled. Loyalty and obedience towards the master is the hallmark of this breed of dogs and puppies. A dog of this breed is definitely a one man dog.

Although they are a little less tolerant towards children, they can be a good family pet dog if trained and handled properly. Training should start when the animal is young. This will ensure that the pup grows up to tolerate people and not resort to indiscriminate biting. Training the dog from a young age will also make sure that the dog is easily potty trained.

Once they are trained at an early age, these dogs will learn to behave properly and not be unruly.  Blue Heeler pups happen to be very hard working. These dogs are genetically resistant towards a number of diseases. They possess neither a thick nor a thin coat. They look awesome with beautiful color patches and white backdrop of skin.

These puppies also love to be with family but because of being very active they need to have regular exercise. They need to be out of doors and owners should be prepared for taking them out on long walks and playing with them. This will keep them fit and healthy and help them to channelize their energies. If they do not get enough exercise, these dogs may become unruly and unmanageable.

At times the dogs may become very aggressive and test your tolerance levels. As a dog owner, you have to learn to handle these dogs firmly but tactfully. Take tips from a professional trainer on how to handle these wonderful animals. Learn about the feeding and behavioral habits of Blue Heeler dogs and make sure that this breed is meant for you, before you adopt one.