Albinism is an inherited congenital disorder that may be present at different levels. Albino dogs which suffer from this very health problem have been liked and disliked by different sections of the society. While some people really love and pet them, there are others who believe that they should not be allowed to live.

There is a large section of society that is not in favor of buying or petting albino dogs. Certain factors that go against petting an albino dog are:

* It requires you to take care of it just like a human being.
* You can not take it out in the sun to play with you on a bright sunny day.
* Forget about enjoying some pleasurable time with it on the poolside.
* It is extremely sensitive and prone to incurring soreness around the eyes.
* It can not work as a watch dog.
* A complete Albino dog may be deaf and therefore incapable of taking your commands.

Despite all these shortcomings, an albino dog is not at all a bad pet for the following reasons:

* It is very friendly and you would just love its company.
* It has beautiful blue eyes which look really cute.
* It is an absolute beauty to look at because it is white in color mostly.
* It is an equally good a companion as any other dog of a different breed.

Thus, you could easily go for an albino dog without any apprehensions. It's just that it needs a little more care but that surely does not make it a no-no choice. If you take care of it in the right way, there are sure to be no complications. Here are a few quick and easy tips to take care of your Albino dog:

* Avoid its overexposure to sunlight. Its skin and eyes are to be protected from sunlight to avoid any health complications.
* You could use a pair of doggles while taking it out in the sun. It would protect its eyes from sunrays.
* Make it a point to not breed an albino dog even with a non albino as it could giver rise to at least three other albino dogs.
* Keep in tough with a good vet so that any problem is easily detected at the very onset.
* You have to understand that an albino requires additional care and you are responsible for it.

Apart from all this you must know that there are certain breeds that do not have dogs with white fur so any white dog of that particular breed has to be an albino like in case of Doberman. In contrast to this a white Shepherd may not always be an albino and just a normal dog.

So, take a look at all these points that go in favor and against albino dogs and then decide. The perception and choice is entirely yours.