When it comes to picking up a puppy or a dog, the choices available to us are far too many. At times, deciding upon which one to have can be quite an exhausting task. Hence, to narrow down the field of search would be ideal and this could be done through analyzing yourself as a soon-to-be owner of a pup or a dog.

Keeping in mind your expectations, your environment and your lifestyle can help you narrow down your search for a suitable pup or a dog. While you can yourself decide upon the breed, I will always ask you to get a pup rather than a dog. That way, your pet will be there with you as your perfect companion for its full life span.

Here is a checklist to go through before you get a pup home.

Keep in mind the available living space that you have. It should be big enough for you, your family and the young puppy that you will bring home. Decide on the breed of the puppy only after paying close attention to yours as well as the puppy’s growing need for space. While some of them will attain relatively small sizes, other would be bigger and powerful and would require adequate space for movement.

Select the breed according to the time that you can take out in order to provide for yours as well as the puppy’s needs. While puppies require suitable amount of attention, there are some breeds which need more attention than the rest. Further, the puppy’s breed would also determine how much money you will have to shell out to have one. Hence, choose wisely.

If you stay alone and are out of the house frequently, check out what you will do to take care of the pup in your absence. Check out the feasibility of hiring some one to look after it in your absence.

Know out your patience levels. Having a pup in the house would mean some amount of mess and destruction. Check out your patience levels for both bearing the pup’s mischief as well as training it so that it doesn’t do it again.

While selecting a pup make sure that it belongs to a healthy litter which has been brought up in close proximity to its mother. This would ensure that the pup adjusts very easily with your home’s family environment.

Another thing you need to focus upon while selecting a puppy is its responses to your presence, your handling of it, and the behavior that you expect out of it. Keep it in mind that you won’t get a trained pup right at the beginning. You would have to make the pup learn to behave. Hence, check out how it responds to your position of control and demand for discipline.

Finally, ensure that you choose a pup which has not come off the ‘production line’. There are unscrupulous people who exploit nature’s amazing reproduction capability for economic benefits. Instead of visiting such ‘factories’ you can visit places like the Vet’s clinic, an animal rescue institution or check out with family and friends. This would help in having not just a healthy pup but would also help you steer clear off an unethical trade that goes on along the sidelines.